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Hi, Welcome to my family tree website.

The tree focuses on the four branches starting with my parents.

Their surnames are Simpson, Carney, Boulton and Braham.

The Simpsons originate from the Furness Peninsula in the North West of England.

It used to be known as "Lancashire beyond the sands" and was more or less an enclave of Cumberland. Since 1974 it has been part of Cumbria.

They were mainly agricultural workers, bobbin makers, iron ore miners and labourers.

Their main location was Kirkby Ireleth which strictly speaking is a parish not a town or village.

The story of the Boultons is pretty much the same as for the Simpsons. In their case they came from Cumberland (now Cumbria). Millom was one of their main locations.

The Carneys originate in Ireland but I haven\'t been able to trace them there at all. I believe that one of them joined the British army and on demob settled in Salford, Lancashire. They originally lived just outside Salford barracks and worked in the local industries.

The Brahams are perhaps the most interesting branch of the tree. They were originally Jewish and the surname was Abraham. Lewis Michael Abraham moved to London and married into the Jacobs glass making family. Around about 1865 they dropped the leading 'A' from their name and became Braham.

Later one of his sons took up with a fairground girl and they eventually started their own troupe. They toured the UK from the 1870\'s until the early 20th century.

Over this time their fortunes fluctuated up and down.

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